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Sleepy Time Tea is one of the best natural sleep aids out there, so when I heard about their new Sleepytime Extra formula, I was excited.  I’m a really light sleeper, so sometimes I need that extra edge to drift off to sleep.  But I don’t respond well to pain pills, and I know a lot of other people have the same problem.  If you’ve been looking for sleep aids, you’ll probably notice a ton of narcotic prescription medications.  Those can be habit forming, and when used incorrectly, deadly.  So if you’re suffering from trouble falling, or staying asleep, then it’s time to try Sleepy Time Tea.  Click the image above to order!

The key to Sleepy Time Tea is the active ingredient Valerian root.  Valerian root has been used as a natural sleep aid for centuries, but had fallen out of popularity in America due to the boom in pharmaceutical “superior” sleep aids.  The root itself can have a fairly bitter taste, so it’s easy to see why so many people preferred the sugary syrups and pills versus the traditional tea.  But that changed when Sleepy Time Tea hit the market.  Their relaxing combination of Valerian Root, with other relaxing ingredients, makes it easier, tastier, and more relaxing than ever to drift off to sleep.  Sleep is one of the most important times for our bodies.  Its the time when we form memory in REM, repair our bodies, and cleanse ourselves of chemical byproducts.  If you’re not sleeping well, regularly, then you’re unfortunately going to start feeling the ill effects.  That’s why I fully recommend Sleepy Time Tea as an all natural, non habit forming sleep aid that works.  It’s so cheap, it’s definitely worth a try.  Click the link below to see thousands of positive reviews, and to safely order!

So, How Does Sleepy Time Tea Work?

What’s incredible about Sleepy Time Tea is that the first recorded use of it is from Ancient Greece, where the inventor of modern medicinal study, Hippocrates, recommended the herb as a treatment for insomnia, or the inability to sleep.  While it’s not completely understood how Valerian Root actually works with the body, it’s thought that one of the active properties of  Valerian Root interacts with the GABA Receptor.  Gaba Receptors are neuro-receptors that, when properly interacted with by specific chemicals or neurotransmitters, trigger body sedative effects.  Sedative effects, of course, are the end goal for pharmaceutical scientists that are looking for a safe sleep aid.  Fortunately, Valerian Root DOES trigger this sedative effect, meaning that you’ll be more relaxed and able to fall asleep naturally and safely. The other, calming ingredients include chamomile, spearmint, and other, soothing herbs. 

How To Use Sleepy Time Tea

Using Sleepy Time Tea is easy, simply follow the instructions on the package.  A basic summary of those instructions would be; Get on some comfy clothes, you know the ones, then heat water and add to cup.  Then add one tea bag of Sleepy Time Tea, drink, sleep and repeat.  Easy huh?

Sleepytime Tea Benefits:

  • All natural ingredients!
  • Ancient Medicinal Ingredient!
  • Great, Soothing Recipe!
  • Natural Sleep Aid
  • Non Habit Forming!

How To Order Sleepy Time Tea

The best way to order sleepy time tea is in bulk, but sense you’re reading this, you’re probably more interested in trying it first.  We’ve went ahead and linked the best available price on a small box of Sleepytime Extra Tea from Celestial Seasonings.  This is our favorite mix hands down, and we’re sure it will earn a permanent place in your cupboard.  Click the banner below to order!

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