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Moon JuiceOrganic & Wild Blend!

Moon Juice Brain Dust is one product that really sets itself apart from the rest of the group. Do you struggle with trying to stay energized throughout the day? Are you tired of always forgetting important things? This is what the makers like to call a “adaptogenic potion” that is meant to light up your brain and increase your mental flow by feeding neurotransmitters and brain tissue. They have developed a variety of ingredients that have studied and proven to increase your cognitive ability and have you consistently on top of your game.

Our brains are a very fragile part of our bodies and they also can take quite the beating even without us knowing it! This usually comes from the natural process of aging and for most people, that process hits us as early as our 20’s. We begin to experience things such as, loss of memory, lack of focus and alertness, zero motivation, no energy and much more. At this time in our lives is when we really want to focus on landing that first real job or promotion, so keep our brain healthy is very important! With Moon Juice Brain Dust you’ll experience yourself being able to stay more focused throughout the day and surprised by how much you can get done!

What Is Moon Juice?

This company represents a healing force, an etheric potion, a cosmic beacon for those seeking out beauty, wellness and longevity. This is a low glycemic, organic and wildcrafted blend of ingredients. Mood Juice Brain Dust uses ingredients such as astragalus, lion’s mane, shilajit, maca, rhodiola, stevia and ginkgo.

  • Astragalus: This is a plant based ingredient that works to stimulate and increase the immune system. It is often used for many conditions such as the common cold, upper respiratory infections and much more.
  • Lions Mane: This is a dietary mushroom that is often used in supplements. It works as a cognitive enhancer and immunomodulator.
  • Shilajit: This is said to contain chemicals that might help calm the brain, reduce swelling, lower blood pressure and alter the immune system.
  • Maca: This contains many chemicals, including fatty acids and amino acids that work to reduce inflammation and stimulate blood flow.
  • Rhodiola: This extract helps to protect cells from damage, regulate heartbeat, and have the potential for improving learning and memory.
  • Ginkgo: This helps to improve blood circulation, which helps the brain, eyes, ears, and legs function better. It also slows down Alzheimer’s disease by interfering with changes in the brain that interfere with thinking.

How Does Moon Juice Work?

How this product works is it increases your neuron velocity and vision by toning the brain waves, in particular the alpha waves that connect to creativity. The adaptogenic potion lights up your brain and increases mental flow by feeding neurotransmitters and brain tissue. Since this is a powdered supplement it is recommended that you take one teaspoon of 8oz of any hot or cold liquid. This container makes approximately 25 servings depending on taste and desired level of potency. The benefits include a boost in your energy, its a low glycemic potion, is a stress reliever and is great brain food.

Benefits Of Using Moon Juice:

  • Lights Up Your Brain!
  • Increases Mental Flow!
  • Natural Blend Of Ingredients!
  • Low Glycemic Formula!
  • Organic & Wild Crafted!

Are You Ready To Start Using Moon Juice Today?

This is an all natural supplement that is said to improve your brain’s performance by using a natural blend of organic and wild crafted ingredients. This is a low glycemic formula that is made without fillers, so that you’re not left with any unwanted side effects. Learn more or order your own supply by clicking the link now.


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