Prevagen Dietary Supplement

PrevagenImprove Your Memory’s Support!

Prevagen is a mental wellness supplement that works to enhance your brain’s ultimate performance! Do you struggle with trying to remember important things? Do you easily get distracted during work as well? This is a one month supply that contains 30 vegetarian capsules with a blend of natural ingredients. You may experience benefits such as, an overall improved mental clarity, clearer thinking, better concentration, and greater ability to focus. This supplement was tested in a large double blind, placebo controlled study using computers to assess brain performance. It was proven to significantly improve learning, short term memory and word recall.

By the young age of 30, our bodies start to experience a decline in cognitive ability. Sadly, by the age of 70 we experience a 60% decline in our brain’s performance. Some signs of a unhealthy brain may include, lack of energy, memory loss, forgetting important things, lack of concentration, lack of motivation and much more. If you are already experiencing these sort of signs, you’re brain might be in need of a performance enhancement. Prevagen proven to keep brain cells alive and longer. It also give you more of the age fighting proteins you lose as you grow older. If you’re brain is in need of a cognitive improvement, click the link below!

What Is Prevagen?

There is one main ingredient found in Prevagen that works to help improve you overall brains performance. Apoaequorin is a protein found in glowing jelyfish when it is bound to calcium ions. When the protein binds itself with the calcium ion, it produces the glow of the Aequorea victoria, a jellyfish with one of the simplest nervous system in the ecosystem. It was first discovered by in 1962 by Princeton professor. Through many studies, scientists found that apoaequorin helps to improve the cognitive function of the brain. It is effective if taken by older people suffering from mild cognitive impairment. Other inactive ingredients found in this supplement include, white rice flour, cellulose, salt, vegetable sourced magnesium stearate, and acetic acid.

How Does Prevagen Work?

As previously mentioned, this brain health supplement was tested in a large double-blind, placebo-controlled study using computers to assess brain performance. 218 adults over 40 years of age participated in the three month study. It significantly improved learning, short term memory, and word recall. One of the main benefits it serves to users is improved calcium homeostasis. This is a very important component of the brain responsible for maintaining low levels of cytosolic calcium. It is also said that users who took this brain wellness supplement also improved their recall.  Overall, some benefits you may experiencing from taking this supplement include, overall improved mental clarity, clearer thinking, better concentration, and greater ability to focus.

Benefits Of Using Prevagen:

  • Improves Clearer Thinking!
  • Improved Mental Clarity!
  • Better Concentration!
  • Greater Availability To Focus!
  • All Natural Apoaequorin!

Are You Ready For Prevagen?

All in all, this is a supplement meant to replenish age-fighting proteins to get you feeling younger, have more energy, and increase your concentration. You can expect several benefits from using this supplement as well. To find out more or to even order your own supply, click the link below now!