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If you’ve watched television in the last month or so, you’ve probably heard of this one, well, maybe not Apoaequorin, but at least it’s marketed name Prevagen.  It’s the active ingredient in Prevagen and it’s derived from a protein in jellyfish.  We’ll get into the technical details in a minute, but the real power of the supplement comes from this powerful protein like substance.  It’s been shown to help with not only healthy brain function, but also clearer thinking and an overall mental performance.  If you’re interested in getting an order of this highly regarded supplement, click the image above to get started today!

When we look for a nootropic supplement, we look for a couple of things.  First, does it contain caffeine?  We don’t like pills that rely on caffeine because, although it typically increases short term performance, as soon as it wears off, it’s back to square one, or worse.  That’s why we like supplements like Prevagen that feature all-natural ingredients that stimulate natural brain activity, like the all-natural Apoaequorin.  But the most important thing we look for is that the supplement has to WORK!  We’ve tried our share of duds, and let us tell you, this is no dud.  In fact, it’s quickly earned a spot in our cabinet as a go-to supplement for important activities and events.  Click the link below to get an order for yourself today!

What Is Apoaequorin?

Here comes a long answer for a short question.  Apoaequorin is a protein-like substance that is derived from an aquatic hydrozoan called Aequorea victoria.  This photo-protein was first isolated by Japanese Researcher Osamu Shimomura, who was able to recognize the importance of this miracle protein.  Apoaequorin is responsible for a very specialized process in the jellyfish, bioluminescence, or the production of light from biological matter.  While the process of that reaction and display of light could fill an entire series of in depth studies, we’ll stick with the basics.  The idea is this, the processes that drive bioluminescense use similar materials that humans use in their internal brain functions!  More details below.

Apoaequorin Benefits

In a study done by university researchers and scientists at the University of Wisconsin, Prevagen (aka Apoaequorin) was shown to improve memory.  Each capsule contains 20mg of that powerful memory enhancing ingredient.  That’s not to say that memory is the only thing this supplement will be enhancing, in fact, it’s quite the opposite.  This supplement has shown promise in helping people to have better overall cognition, including sharper focus, clearer thinking, and developing an overall more healthy mind.  

Apoaequorin Benefits

  • All Natural Product
  • Breakthrough New Ingredient
  • Improve Memory, Focus
  • Improve Overall Brain Performance
  • Completely Safe, Non Habit Forming

Where To Find Apoaequorin

As of right now, it’s really tough to find standalone Apoaequorin supplements.  The only one we’ve been able to find is Prevagen, which has a great track record among consumers.  So, unless you’re willing to go gather a ton of jellyfish, and cull the protein from them yourselves, you’re going to have to either use Prevagen for Apoaequorin, or not use it at all.

How To Buy Apoaequorin

As we said above, this one is really tough to find.  Prevagen is the only supplement we know of that features Apoaequorin.  Whether or not that’s because they’re the only ones capable of gathering the ingredient, or because they have some binding agreement, we’re not sure.  But we are sure of one thing, this supplement is more popular than ever, and it’s getting more great reviews than we can keep up with.  Click the banner below to see for yourself why this mind boosting drug is the answer for so many people.  Click below to get started today!

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