Exercises To Boost Your Brain Power

Brain PowerBoost Your Brain’s Capabilities!

Are you in need of looking to boost your brain power? In this article, you’ll learn some great ways to boost your brains capabilities! Exercising your brain may sound a little foolish and you may even think “how can that even be done?” Well exercising your mind is not quite what you might be thinking it is, but has been said to be highly effective for your mind and the rest of your body! Many doctors might even recommend that you start doing these exercises, they take little time and can be highly effective the more you do it!

By boosting your brain power you can train your brain to improve its attention and focus through a variety of mind exercises. Over time these exercises will allow you to better block out distractions and improve concentration. Researchers at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center found that “attention training”, such as regularly doing crossword puzzles or Sudoku, can help keep older adults’ minds young. Keeping your brain fit is just as keeping your body fit, especially when you get older. Keep reading on to find some great ways to help boost your brain power and ultimately keeping your brain happy and healthy!

How To Boost Your Brain Power?

SparkPeople developed a small list of brain building exercises to help boost your brain power! These take little to no time and do not cost you a pretty penny. Consider trying these exercises on a daily basis and you’ll shortly begin to feel a difference in your brain’s capabilities!

  1. Read Something New Every Day – This will challenge your brain by reading an article on something you aren’t familiar with, or try reading a different type of literature like a poem or Shakespeare.
  2. Try Trivia – Get together with some friends and play trivial pursuit or any other trivia based game. By remembering historical facts or pop culture can help you work that brain of yours in new ways!
  3. Eat Brain Feeding Foods – Snack regularly on foods that are high in healthy fats, such as walnuts or salmon, both of which contain essential fatty acids.
  4. Keep Exercising Daily – Those who are the most fit reaped the most brain benefits, so keep up with exercising regularly and challenging your body!
  5. De-stress Regularly – Your brain can be negatively affected by stress and studies performed at Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital found that regular and practice can increase the size of the hippocampus.
  6. Sleep Earlier and More Often – Many studies have found that you need an average of eight hours of sleep a night for optimal brain function. It also happens to be good for you overall healthy and fitness and even your mood!
  7. Play Mind Games – This can either be a crossword puzzle, Soduku or Scrabble, engage your brain in some play most days of the week. Mix up the games as well! Just like building muscles, your brain will adapt as it grows stronger in one skill, so you have to keep challenging it in new ways!