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We’re on a search for the Best Omega 3 supplement on the market.  We want one that has a high Omega 3 content, is naturally produced, and that doesn’t taste like crap.  Oh yeah, and it has to be inexpensive!  Pretty tough list of qualifications, huh?  We’ve tried countless Omega 3 supplements to find the best one out there.  So which one did we give the crown to, (SPOILER ALERT) the one directly to your left.  Nordic Naturals Omega 3 has proven to be the best tasting, most effective, and most natural supplement on the market today.  If you’re interested in reading reviews, click the image above to go to Amazon.  From there you can read the reviews, compare prices, and get started on improving your brain and heart health with the Best Omega 3 available!

Omega 3 has proven to be an essential nutrient for proper brain and heart health.  It promotes healthy cholesterol levels,and has shown promise in nurturing growth and responsiveness in the brain.  Most doctors and nutritionists agree that it’s a key missing nutrient in most people’s diets.  So if you’re feeling sluggish, or are just looking out for your overall brain and heart health, then it’s time to find the Best Omega 3 for you.  Our recommendation is Nordic Naturals.  Click the link below to browse their products, check prices, shipping and reviews!  

Which Is The Best Omega 3?

There are a few basic criteria for deciding which is the Best Omega 3 supplement.  First, the taste.  Fish oil can taste like, well, fish.  Not good fish either, fish that just swam out of the swamp kind of fish.  We’re hoping to avoid that.  Second, it has to be effective.  This supplement needs to provide both DHA and EPA.  Third, it has to be cost effective.  We don’t want to be paying $50 dollars a month for something we can get for $20.  So, after trying about 20 different types of Omega 3 supplements, we found many just couldn’t shake our first criteria, taste.  Some tasted like straight fish, some tasted like rotten fish, and some tasted like grape flavored fish.  That’s right, grape.  The best tasting one we found was Nordic Naturals for taste, and we didn’t seem to have fishy smelling breath after eating it.

Take two pills daily with food for best results, and less fishy breath!

The second criteria is the hardest to quantify, as it’s basically immeasurable. So we went with how we felt after a week of regular use (14 pills in total.)  The level of DHA and EPA present in the body differ on the person, as each person has different fish intakes, so we couldn’t measure that, instead, we had to just base it off of how we felt.  We felt best after taking Nordic Naturals.  Lastly, the cost.  We found a few supplements cheaper than our Best Omega 3, but none of them were able to fulfill our first two, very important criteria.  That’s not to say that Nordic Naturals is overly expensive.  In fact, it’s relatively cheap, and if you buy the 180 soft gel bottle, you get basically a cost of 23 cents per pill.  That’s pretty cheap.

How To Use The Best Omega 3

Using Best Omega 3 is easy, just take two pills daily with a meal.  When you take it with a meal, the oil is less likely to be “burned up” in the stomach, and also gives you less noticeable fish breath than taking it only with water.  By taking it with food, you’re also giving the best opportunity for full absorption.

Benefits Of Omega 3

  • Supports Brain Function
  • Better Heart Health
  • Promotes Healthy Circulation
  • Cost Effective Omega 3
  • Good Tasting Blend

How To Order The Best Omega 3

Ordering is easy, finding one you like is harder.  That’s why we went through the work for you!  Click the banner below to shop, compare prices, read reviews and order.  If you’re like us, and thousands of others, you’ll enjoy this product.  Check back here at for more reviews, previews, and offers for your brain health needs!Best Omega 3 Footerpagination