LifeExtension Cognitex

CognitexMade With Gastrodin – “The Brain Shield”!

LifeExtension’s Cognitex dietary supplement is a formula that provides critical extracts that support healthy brain function. Do you suffer from a lack of energy, even if you feel like you’ve had a good nights sleep? Are you often forgetting important things such as your car keys? These and many are signs of an unhealthy cognitive function. This supplement contains a compound that mimics the naturally occurring PS in the brain and contains a wide variety of ingredients that work to improve your brain’s performance. Brain decline effects all human beings and it becomes highly important in our later years to keep our brain from reaching that decline.

There are many reasons as to why we may be experiencing a decline our brain’s performance. Most commonly is our age. By the age of 30, our brain’s performance starts to decrease, which can result in symptoms such as, tiredness, lack of motivation, lack of focus or alertness and much more. Other reasons as to why you could be experiencing these types of signs include an injury to your brain, such as a concussion. LifeExtension’s Cognitex provides brain boosting ingredients in one advanced formula to work on improving your brain’s overall performance. Learn more now or even order your very own supply today!

What Is Cognitex?

This is a proprietary blend of ingredients specifically for the protection of the brain against age-related decay. Cognitex uses a primary component in this formula called Gastrodin, which works to enhance circulatory effects, while fighting inflammation and oxidation damage to nerve cells. Another major ingredient found in this formulation is Vinpocetine, this is a plant-derived compound which specifically improves circulation, oxygenation, electrical conductivity of brain cells, and helps to support healthy blood flow. Pregnenolone is a hormone involved in synchronization of brain cells that declines in normal aging brains. Hops and rosemary are uses to help suppress inflammatory cytokines. Wild blueberry extract is also used to inhibit oxidative and inflammatory changes in brain cells believed to be involved in memory decline. Other ingredients found in this formulation include, alpha-glyceryl phosphoryl, phosphatidylserine, ashwagandha and UMP.

How Does Cognitex Work?

This brain health supplement provides acetylcholine through the inclusion of alpha-glyceryl phophoryl chonine, this a compound that can increase balanced levels of aceytlcholine in the brain. Alpha GPC is a highly regarded supplement by working to boost memory capacity, focus and even mood. The neurotransmitter, acetylcholine works to preserve healthy levels of snyaptogenesis and neurogenesis in the face of aging. Along with good circulation, acetylcholine is absolutely vital for long term mental health.

Benefits Of Using Cognitex:

  • Cognitive Supporting Ingredients!
  • Improves Memory Recall!
  • Increases Focus & Alertness!
  • Helps Fight Degenerative Diseases!
  • Boosts Energy Levels!

Are You Ready For Cognitex?

This is a brain performance boosting supplement using a wide variety of scientifically studied ingredients that help to boost your levels of memory, focus and even your mood. It may also help in fighting against degenerative diseases such as Alzheimers disease. To learn more about this supplement or to even order your own supply, click the link below now!