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Sometimes it can really feel like you’re working at your peak, thinking your best, but then you look down and you’re only half way done with a job that used to only take you ten minutes.  That kind of mental decay is more common than you think, and can come from a variety of reasons.  The biggest reasons are repetitive tasks that deplete our brains of their natural balances.  When that balance is upset, it can make things a lot harder.  That’s where IQ Plus comes in.  By replenishing these vital nutrients your brain needs to operate at max efficiency, IQ+ gives you a huge edge. 

IQ Plus is more than just a nutritional supplement, though.  It also uses ingredients designed to give you a big boost in energy.  This isn’t your typical caffeine pill, it instead uses ingredients designed to give natural, crash-less boosts of energy.  This, in combination with the nootropic ingredients discussed above, give IQ+ a huge edge on the competition.  In our review of IQ Plus, we’ll be talking a lot about how the supplement works, what results or side effects you can expect, plus we’ll discuss reviews for IQ Plus.  But if you’re more interested in just seeing the best price, click the link below to head there now!

What Is IQ Plus?

IQ Plus is what’s considered by scientists to be a “nootropic”.  So what is a nootropic?  It’s an ingredient or supplement designed to impact the brain specifically.  There are plenty of brain-boosting supplements that supply you with the energy you need to get thinking at full steam, but without the backing up nutritionally validated ingredients like the ones found in IQ+, you’re only getting benefits in the moment.  Even beyond that, buy using IQ Plus, you’re getting a better blend of energy enhancing ingredients that don’t lead to jitters, crashes, or anxiety.

IQ Plus Supplement Benefits: 

  • Ideal For Daily Use
  • Supports Brain Function, Health
  • Incredible Boost In Energy
  • Increase Mental Acuity
  • Activate Your Brain!

IQ Plus Pill Ingredients

Unfortunately, because IQ Plus is so new in it’s release cycle, we have really limited information on what they’re using in the formula.  Our best guesses right now are based on what effects they’re advertising, so take the following information for what you will.  Typically when a brain supplement advertises energy, but without the crash.  That means they’re either using delayed release caffeine, or no caffeine at all.  You’ll see a lot of popular ingredients like Guarana, Taurine and different types of Ginseng.  So our best guess is that they’re using one or more of these.  As for nootropics, we’re guessing they’re using a mix of electrolytes used in neural communication.  That usually means you’ll be seeing both sodium and potassium, and other less known vitamins and minerals.

IQ Plus Trial Information

The IQ+ Trial is pretty hard to get a feel for at this point.  Again, it’s super new in the release cycle, so more reviews and information on the trial will come out in the next few weeks.  But, in the mean time, be sure to take a look at the trial details on the next page before you sign up.  While you’re there, be sure to also read the testimonials and reviews from users of the product, and for new ingredient information, as it usually comes out a few weeks into the release cycle.    You can click the banner to head there now!

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